Walnut Bench

This walnut wood bench was custom designed to fit in an entryway where a long wall met a short wall. On occasion the character of wood is so unique, I let it guide the form of the design. In this case, the slab of curly Claro walnut was given to me by a man who’d milled it 20 years prior from a tree that had come down in his Seattle yard. The base supports each had history as well – the left leg made from an old beam replaced in a neighbor’s home and the right leg salvaged from a local timber framing business just 3 miles up the road. This bench now resides 4 blocks from my house and is my most local commission to date. I have salvaged lumber from many local trees that have fallen in wind storms, and have wood available that is suitable for a variety of projects.

Salvaged walnut, reclaimed Douglas fir
17"h x 28"d x 72"l